30th Edition / Streaming available for the US on eventive.orgNew York / 14 to 21 NovemberPhiladelphia / 29 November to 6 December

As with past editions, N.I.C.E. Festival USA confirms its tendency to be an on-the-go festival, which crosses big cities and outside them to arrive in small cities, with the constant aim of introducing new Italian film directors abroad. It deals with brave and innovative works that convey important messages and they do so with undoubted artistic quality, reflecting the latest trends in Italian cinema. They are films on human rights, or dramatic and social distress, on crime and corruption, but also comedies at the same time capable, with the power of irony, of illustrating the difficult problems of today’s society.

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All my crazy love

by Gabriele Salvatores

Simple Women

by Chiara Malta


by Carlo Sironi

My brother chases dinosaurs

by Stefano Cipani

A world of Fashion

by Anna Di Francisca

Mister Wonderland

by Valerio Ciriaci

Two forgotten boxes – A trip to Vietnam

by Cecilia Mangini e Paolo Pisanelli

We’ll be young and beautiful

by Letizia Lamartire

Good girls

by Michela Andreozzi

Project carried out in the framework of Programma Sensi Contemporanei Toscana per il Cinema