Festival of Contemporary Russian Cinema

5 to 9 September 2020Florence, Italy

On the basis of N.I.C.E. Festival’s long presence in Russia as a festival of contemporary Italian cinema, we have established an important collaboration with the Centre of Film Festivals and International Programs – Russia, creating a permanent annual festival of Russian cinema in Florence.

Now in its 2nd edition, the festival pursues N.I.C.E. Festival’s vocation of presenting works by directors who give a new imprint to Russian cinematography.

Inaugural event by invitation with the directors in connection from Russia Friday 4 September, 4pm – Gallerie degli Uffizi, Auditorium Vasari

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Russia, 2019 - Duration: 82‘ - Drama

Sunday - by Svetlana Proskurina

A well-known official in the mayor’s office of a small Russian town receives a note: “You will die soon”. Without hiding the message, he continues with his Sunday routine. But this will be a different Sunday. Right from the morning, events will develop in an unpredictable way.

Russia, 2020 - Duration: 99‘ - Drama

On the Moon - by Yegor Konchalovsky

Gleb, the son of a rich and important man, has a reputation as a daredevil. One day, while racing through the streets of Moscow night, he is pursued by the police, loses control of his car and knocks down a pedestrian. In order to get rid of him, his father sends Gleb to a forest where a hermit hides him. For the young man, a different life begins with an unpredictable, gloomy and silent old man.

Russia, 2019 - Duration: 99‘ - Drama

The Bull - by Boris Akopov

Russia. Criminal gangs in every backyard, economic crisis, shaved heads, Chechen mafia, everyone survives as best they can. The film’s protagonist, nicknamed “Byk” (“Bull”) is a young boy with a big heart, who has fallen into a life of crime and tries to survive. The historical period in which he grew up has given him no other choice.

Russia 2017 - Duration: 92‘ - Drama

Pagans - by Lera Surkova

Based on the play of the same name by Anna Jablonskaya. The complex content of the play raises questions about faith and religion. After the arrival of the grandmother from the province, the other members of the family become involved in a drama arising from a blind faith in miracles. Within this drama an unhappy love story of a lost teenage girl develops, who tries to resist the family’s madness.

Russia, 2017 - Duration: 87‘ - Adventure

Rock - by Ivan Shakhnazarov

Is rock a musical genre or a bad fate? The protagonists of the film aspire to conquer the Moscow musical Olympus. However, the trio is neither a group nor a team, and perhaps they are not even friends. Rock is a film about journey, a search for one’s self, in which the path to the dream becomes the greatest, most vivid, dangerous and unforgettable adventure.

Russia 2019 - Duration: 95’ – Drama

The end of the season - by Konstantin Khudyakov

In a small Baltic town live three sisters, whom life’s circumstances have taken them far away from Russia. Just like Cekov’s sisters, they dream of returning to Moscow. But fate has other plans for them.

Project carried out in the framework of Programma Sensi Contemporanei Toscana per il Cinema