N.I.C.E. Festival USA 202131st EditionNew York / NOV 12-20Special events:New Jersey, Princeton University / OCT 13-28Philadelphia, Penn University / DIC 6-12Streaming on eventive.org

This YEAR N.I.C.E. gets to the usual rendez-vous of November into an innovative and renewed formula, which intends to build on the trials launched during the pandemic. This year’s selection remains faithful to its mission: knowledge and valorization of new Italian cinema, which has always been able to record novelties, trials, and to promote quality cinema. It is a festival made of people, reflections, exchanges, closer looks at cinema and, above all, made of meetings. N.I.C.E. lists different works by inspiration, issues, idioms and techniques: from docufiction to reportage, works of great artistic value and emotional impact. Aiming to present different aspects of the contemporary Italian spirit, it was decided to dedicate a section also to Cinema and Music with music-themed feature films, since Italian music and cinema have historically followed a parallel path. In line with the same spirit of innovation of the festival, we also present to you an experimental trilogy based upon the performance philosophy.

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by Samule Rossi


by Ludovica Andò e Emiliano Aiello

Easy Living

by Orso Miyakawa e Peter Miyakawa

Anja – Real Love Girl

by Paolo Martini and Pablo Benedetti

If Only

by Ginevra Elkann

Looking for Negroni

by Federico Micali

Ammore e Malavita

by Manetti Bros

In Her Shoes

by Maria Iovine

I like Spiderman… so what?

by Federico Micali

The Rider

di Daniele Ceccarini

A man must be strong

di Ilaria Ciavattini, Elsi Perino


di Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan, Giuseppe De Liguoro

“Trascendenze” Cinematographic Trilogy

by Egidio Carbone Lucifero

Project carried out in the framework of Programma Sensi Contemporanei Toscana per il Cinema