Festival of Contemporary Russian Cinema2019

16 to 18 FebruaryFlorence, Italy

The 1st Edition of Contemporary Russian Film Festival in Florence is the result of an important collaboration between N.I.C.E. and the Moscow Centre of Film Festivals and International Programs, a Russian ministerial organization that deals with the promotion of Russian culture in Europe through musical, artistic, literary and cinematographic events, a journey dedicated to the main novelties of the Russian film scene.

The festival takes place at Cinema La Compagnia from 16 to 18 February 2019. A selection of films by Russian emerging directors representing a cross-section of the best contemporary Russian cinematography has been proposed.

Each screening is introduced by the festival director Viviana Del Bianco, the president of the Centre Tat’jana Shumova, the president of the important Russian distribution company Kinofilm Irina Borisova and Prof. Marcucci (University of Siena), an expert on Russian cinema.

Russia, 2018 - Duration: 113‘ - DramaWith the presence of the Filmmaker

Ice - by Oleg Trofim

Since childhood, Nadia has believed in miracles: she imagines entering the ice arena to the ovation of the audience and dancing her most beautiful dance. Years passed and thanks to her faith and perseverance, Nadia became a famous skater. But just when her dreams of victory and a sweet life with a Prince Charming seem to be coming true, fate presents her with a real challenge. To overcome it, she must once again, as in her childhood, believe in miracles.

Russia, 2017 - Duration: 75‘ - DramaWith the presence of the Filmmaker

Nevod (The net) - by Aleksandra Streljanaja

A young man arrives in a village on the White Sea, looking for a girl who has run away from the city without saying goodbye to him. An elderly local shows him the way.

Russia, Finland, Germany, 2017 - Duration: 116‘ - Drama

Aritmija - by Boris Chlebnikov

A young couple of paramedics struggle to find the strength to stay together admist emergency surgeries, high-alcohol work breaks and a changing healthcare system.

Russia 2017 - Duration: 132‘ - Drama

Bolshoy - by Valerij Todorovskij

Julia is an incredibly talented young Russian dancer. She can become a great dancer fighting for her place at the Bolshoy in Moscow. But to pursue this goal she has to give up everything: family interests, her first love and friendship.
Time and again the heroine is faced with a complex choice between the dream of beauty and real life.

Russia, 2017 - Duration: 104‘ - Drama

The bottomless sack - by Rustam Khamdamo

It takes place in Russia, during the reign of the Russian Emperor Aleksandr II. A lady of the court tells Grand Duke Aleksandr a fairy tale that takes place in the 13th century and tells him about the mystical murder of Zarevich (the Tsar’s son) in the woods. The participants in this story, the witnesses to this crime, tell various versions of the incident. Their versions differ from what actually happened.

Russia 2017 - Duration: 90’ – Drama

The journey of Vitja called “Aglio” to accompany Lekha called “Ganghero” to the hospice - by Aleksandr Chant

An engrossing road-movie “à la russe” that recounts the classic generational conflict between fathers and sons, but in a “pulp” key. The action takes place in an anonymous village in the Russian province. The protagonist is twenty-seven-years-old Vitja, known as “Aglio”, who has spent his childhood in an orphanage and dreams of abandoning his wife and son because “they take away his oxygen”. Vitja was a child deprived of affection and in turn has a dried-up heart and leads a basic life of getting high and wanting “to make it big”. Life brings him to meet his father, a man with a criminal past and an invalid. Vitja decides to take him to the hospice, completely unaware of the adventures and risks that await him on this journey.

Project carried out in the framework of Programma Sensi Contemporanei Toscana per il Cinema