Festival of Contemporary Russian Cinema

31th August to 2nd September 2021Cinema la Compagnia, Florence, Italy31th August to 5th September 2021on Streaming su Più Compagnia - mymovies.it

On the basis of N.I.C.E. Festival’s long presence in Russia as a festival of contemporary Italian cinema, we have established an important collaboration with the Centre of Film Festivals and International Programs – Russia, creating a permanent annual festival of Russian cinema in Florence.

Now in its 3nd edition, the festival pursues N.I.C.E. Festival’s vocation of presenting works by directors who give a new imprint to Russian cinematography.

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Russia, 2016 - Duration: 74‘ - Drama

The collector - by Alexej Krasovskij

Artur is an ace at his job: he works with big debtors by discovering their secrets and using them against them through psychological attack. One day, Artur himself becomes a target. His reputation and even his life are in danger. Now the collector has only one night to find the one who cornered him.

Russia, 2019 - Duration: 109‘

Lenin. Imminence - by Vladimir Khotinenko

World War I, the most brutal and bloody conflict in human history, in underway for nearly three years now. Longtime immigrant Vladimir Lenin recently moved to Zurich. He devoted his entire life to the revolution and lost its beginning. He is now looking for every opportunity to return to Russia and take everything into his own hands. The options are few and, in the end, he is left with the most incredible one – crossing the territory of Germany at war with Russia by train.

Russia 2015 - Duration: 95’

The end of a beautiful era - by Stanislav Govorukhin

Freely inspired by Serghey Dovlatov's biographical short story "The Compromise", the latest film by the master Govorukhin is the story of an era made of prohibitions and restrictions in which people fought for the right to be heard. An era whose end was expected but was feared at the same time... an era that was beautiful despite everything.

Russia 2016 - Duration: 78‘ - Drama

Sofichka - by Kira Kovalenko

Cinematic adaptation of the homonymous short story by Fazil Iskander. It is a film about the life of the inhabitants of a mountain village in Abkhazia. The story takes place before, during and after the Great Patriotic War. Global historical events are, however, only a backdrop against which the main characters live their lives. The intertwining, initially non-linear, gradually turns into a complete picture of the protagonists' lives.

Russia, 2013 - Duration: 97‘

Weekend - by Stanislav Govorukhin

The protagonist commits a murder. The choice is not easy: to confess or take the blame for another crime he did not commit?

Russia, 2020 - Duration: 29‘

The Tiger among the Birch-trees - by Stanilav Svetlov

A provincial tailor finds himself disrupting his peaceful existence for an unexpected love.

Russia 2020 - Duration: 23‘

Anobium / Shashel’ - di Anastasia Jura

- We loved each other. And it seems to have lived well. What happened to us?
- Anobium has devoured us.

Russia, 2020 - Duration: 6‘

I am a fish - by Ivan Darya Melnikova

A girl lives in a strange apartment inhabited by a creepy monster who continually violates her personal boundaries and torments her with its concern. The protagonist does not find escape from him even in the bathroom. But after yet another unexpected reincarnation, the girl's patience ends. She decides to run away from home.

Project carried out in the framework of Programma Sensi Contemporanei Toscana per il Cinema