N.I.C.E. Festival Latvia 20221° EditionRIGA / DIC 6-8


N.I.C.E. Film Festival reaches its 32° edition, a long and complex journey starting from its origins, by exploring its paths of new cinema and maintaining an identity oriented to the enhancement of the new, both new authors and new trends. This festival means promotion, but also ideas and projects for a cinema and an audiovisual. At the same time, we consider it useful to confirm the criteria for selecting films based on the variety of themes proposed. There are sometimes dramatic films that tell stories of social distress, related to problems inherent in the world of crime and corruption, or to more personal spheres such as adolescent and female growth. But also, comedies that, although they are funny, are played on the edge of an irony that highlights the social difficulties of today’s world, the phenomenon of immigration, sexual diversity, the various ways and styles of life, etc. All this emerges through the presentation of a plurality of genres and themes that appear both in the films in competition and in those out of competition. Discovering new talents that with their works make us bearers of such content with artistic flair and inventive charge is the task of the N.I.C.E – many of them can be appreciated both in the homeland and abroad, by telling stories with different techniques and methods, sometimes easily but also with great capacity of convincing, the difficult problems of our society. The 2022 edition is particularly important thanks to the significant and increasingly strong collaboration with local authorities and institutions, the MiC-Ministry of Culture, the Tuscany Region, and the City of Florence. A tribute to the tradition that looks to the future, and that has always celebrated the commitment to innovation and diversity, with Cospe.

Our Ghosts

by Alessandro Capitani

The Great Silence

by Alessandro Gassman

Blue Eyes

by Michela Cescon

A Girl Returned

by Giuseppe Bonito

The Beautiful Years

by Lorenzo D'Amico de Carvalho

Santa Lucia

by Marco Chiappetta

Project carried out in the framework of Programma Sensi Contemporanei Toscana per il Cinema