N.I.C.E. Festival Russia28° Edition / 2021Moscow / 7 to 11 AprilNovosibirsk / 13 to 19 AprilSaint Petersburg / 1 to 6 October

N.I.C.E. New Cinema Events returns to Russia full of renewed energy, despite the sense of uncertainty still lingering in our souls. Cinema intends to embody new stimuli in order to preserve its inner enthusiasm and magic: to this end, the N.I.C.E. Festival represents a unique moment for the promotion of the seventh art and of Italy’s contemporary culture across the world. This year the range of fiction, short and documentary titles includes feature films with a musical theme and thematic films tackling on women’s, gender and social rights.

All films were selected in line with an idea of cinema that becomes memory, a time machine, as a tool to redeem all the big and small stories that inhabit the world in which the meaning between protagonists and extras is often lost. The image of a community discussing and reflecting on epochal dynamics rises. We would like to underline how the crisis due to the pandemic, like every crisis, has once again put women in disadvantage, even in film production. Hence our difficulty in presenting an appropriate number of female works this year.

N.I.C.E. Festival has not let this past year’s events change its nature, perceiving cinema as a tool for humanity’s cultural redemption, and is working so that this edition can represent the seed for improvement and great upcoming projects, always with a window open to the world. Through its festivals and other initiatives, N.I.C.E. has always promoted the sensibilization of its audience as well as of students on issues of social relevance. From 2021, the special focus on social issues are organized in partnership with the ngo COSPE and the project CinematograFica, Cinema for gender equality in development.


by Samule Rossi


by Ludovica Andò e Emiliano Aiello

Easy Living

by Orso Miyakawa e Peter Miyakawa

Anja – Real Love Girl

by Paolo Martini and Pablo Benedetti

If Only

by Ginevra Elkann

Looking for Negroni

by Federico Micali


by John Turturro

Ammore e Malavita

by Manetti Bros

A world of Fashion

by Anna Di Francisca

In Her Shoes

by Maria Iovine

It’s not me

by Valerio Cataldi

“Trascendenze” Cinematographic Trilogy

by Egidio Carbone Lucifero

7 to 11 April


The first stage of the Festival takes place in Moscow, at the Multiplex Cinema Oktyabr of the Karofilm chain, the largest cinema in the city, which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year. Screenings will also take place at the Tetryakov Gallery which, as well as housing the most important collection of Russian artistic heritage, offers a public screening room dedicated mainly to documentaries.

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13 to 19 April


Poveda Cinema in Novosibirsk is the only place in the Urals where contemporary Italian cinema is the protagonist for a whole week, thanks to N.I.C.E. It is very popular with Siberians from the capital, with its bar, restaurant, exhibition rooms and a press and conference area. Its press and marketing office is also very well-developed and effective, allowing a 360-degree promotion of the event.

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1 to 6 October

Saint Petersburg

The festival moves to St. Petersburg, at the Rodina Cinema, the oldest cinema in the city. The cinema, with three theatres of 460, 52 and 49 seats respectively, is located in a central position in the city and has an offer that ranges from foreign and Russian commercial films to foreign reviews and quality films. The cinema, with its very dynamic press office, manages to promote the festivals extensively throughout the St. Petersburg area.

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Project carried out in the framework of Programma Sensi Contemporanei Toscana per il Cinema