By Daniele Ceccarini

Viviana Del Bianco is the director of N.I.C.E. Festival, an event whose purpose is to promote the new generation of Italian independent cinema abroad, from the United States to Russia, by presenting feature films among the best emerging independent Italian production.

It is a unique Festival, and since the beginning it manages to encompass several categories: films that participated in and won famous international Festivals (Matteo Garrone, Matteo Rovere, Paolo Sorrentino, Valeria Golino), documentary works, best short films by young directors, auteur cinema, and some movies that without this festival would remain unknown to a piece of the foreign audience.

N.I.C.E. represents an unconditional view on a new way of telling Italy through art and cinema. Thanks to meetings and seminars with students, critics, filmmakers, directors of other film festivals, cultural exchanges and workshops, N.I.C.E. remains faithful to the initial mission: to tell the new Italian cinema in the United States, Europe and Russia.