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The Interval Leonardo Di Costanzo

Director/Regia: Leonardo Di Costanzo
Screenplay/Sceneggiatura: Maurizio Braucci, Leonardo Di Costanzo, Mariangela Barbanente
Cast/Interpreti: Francesca Riso, Alessio Gallo, Carmine Paternoster, Salvatore Ruocco, Antonio Buil, Jean Yves Morard
Cinematography/Fotografia: Luca Bigazzi
Music/Musica: Marco Cappelli
Set Design/Scenografia: Luca Servino
Costume Design/Costume: Kay Devanthey
Editing/Montaggio: Carlotta Cristiani
Production/Produzione: Tempesta e Amka films Productions, Rai Cinema, RSI, SSR, SRG, ZDF in collaboration Arte, Film commision Regione Campania, Teatro Stabile di Napoli, with the supporto of Ufficio Federale della Cultura (DFI) della Svizzera, with the partecipation of Cineteca di Bologna
Worlds Sales/Distribuzione Internazionale: Rai Trade ,,
Year/Anno: 2012
Running Time/Durata: 86’

A boy and a girl are locked up in an enormous abandoned building in a suburban area. She is a prisoner and the local clan leader has forced him to be her jailer. Despite their young age, they both grew up too fast. Thus, when faced with the violence of incarceration, the two young people have different reactions: Veronica is restless and rebellious. Salvatore is more submissive and accommodating, either out of fear or realism. They are both victims, but it is almost as though each blames the other for their reclusion. As the hours go by, their mutual hostility is transformed into an inevitable intimacy consisting of reciprocal discoveries and confessions.The two enjoy a sudden break from their prematurely adult lives, tempted to turn their imaginary escape into a real one, before the gang presents Veronica with its verdict.

director Leonardo Di Costanzo Biography
 Leonardo Di Costanzo (Ischia,Na). After graduating from the Istituto Orientale  in Naples, he moved to France where he attended classes on Documentary  Filmmaking at the Ateliers Varan. This experience led him to open a center for  documentary filmmakers in Cambodia along with director Rithy Panh.
His film credits include Prove di Stato (1999), which addresses the issue of the State inaction in the town of Ercolano and A Scuola (2003), depicting the life in a middle school institution in Naples, presented at the Venice Film Festival. In 2012 Di Costanzo released his first feature film, The Interval.