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The Ideal City Luigi Lo Cascio

Director/Regia: Luigi Lo Cascio
Cast/Interpreti: Luigi Lo Cascio, Luigi Maria Burruano, Massimo Foschi, Alfonso Santagata, Catrinel Marlon, Aida Burruano, Roberto Herlizka
Screenplay/Sceneggiatura: Luigi Lo Cascio in collaboration with Massimo Gaudioso, Desideria Rayner, Virginia Borgi
Cinematography/Fotografia: Pasquale Mari
Music/Musica: Andrea Rocca
Set Design/Scenografia: Ludovica Ferrario, Alice Mangano
Costume Design/Costume:Maria Rita Barbera
Editing/Montaggio: Desideria Rayner
Production/Produzione: Bibi Film with Rai Cinema, in association with Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, with the support of MiBAC.
Worlds Sales/Distribuzione Internazionale: Raitrade,
Year/Anno: 2012
Running Time/Durata: 105’

Michele Grassadonia (Luigi Lo Cascio) is an architect from Palermo and a fervent environmentalist, who believes in the value of civic engagement and social solidarity. One day, he decides to leave Palermo to move to Siena, which he considers, among all, the ideal city. Disliked by his colleagues, he lives alone in an apartment, where he experiments alternative forms of energy, with which he is able to live in complete self-sufficiency, without even having to seek for running water. On a rainy night, Michele gets involved in a series of confusing and mysterious events and, for some unfortunate circumstances, he falls into a judicial nightmare that alienates him from his friends and fellow citizens. Marginalized and defamed, he finds out the hard way that his ideal city hides normal-looking monsters.

director Luigi Lo cascioBiography
Luigi Lo Cascio
(Palermo) His first role for the cinema was in Marco Tullio Giordana’s One Hundred Steps (2001), who also directed him in The Best of Youth. Furthermore, he played leading roles in Giuseppe Piccioni’s Light of My Eyes, Cristina Comencini’s The Best Day of my life, Marco Bellocchio’s Good Morning, Night and Mario Martone's We Believed. For the stage, he wrote and played the monologue In the Burrow i, and took part in Luca Ronconi’s The communists’ Silence, and directed The Hunt. He also played roles in a variety of films by Roberta Torre, Pupi Avati, and Giuseppe Tornatore. The Ideal City is his debut as a director.