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Since its early beginnings, Cinema has functioned as an unprecedented tool for the promotion of our country around the world. Thanks to the programs presented in the USA, Russia and soon in China, Nice stands as one of the best-conceived opportunities for “brand awareness” and exposure for all Italian companies aiming at finding a place in the more receptive international markets. Every set, every location of the films presented through Nice is an opportunity for the audience to admire the clothes wore by our actors and actresses, the get acquainted with the design of our houses, our food, our wine and beverages, to dream of our landscapes, in a word, to experience the so-called “Italian Style”.

Investing in culture means acting directly on the local markets, contributing in enhancing the promotion of a deeper knowledge of the Italian “Life Style” and of the growth of a local cultural openness towards the Italian Culture. Investing in Nice means promoting your brand through a high-quality cultural channel and among an international and receptive audience. It also means promoting the best of the Italian film culture and getting involved in our national cultural development.

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Get Involved

If you are interested in (Italian) cinema and would like to be part of an exciting film event, don’t miss the chance to join our team as a volunteer during one of N.I.C.E.’s festivals! In exchange for your precious contribution, you will get free access to all the festival screenings and meet the directors flying from Italy to present their films!

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