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Steel Stefano Mordini

 Director/Regia: Stefano Mordini
Interpreti /Cast: Michele Riondino, Vittoria Puccini, Matilde Giannini, Anna Bellezza, Francesco Turbanti, Luca Guastini, Monica Brachini, Massimo Popolizio
Screenplay/Sceneggiatura: Giulia Calenda, Stefano Mordini, Silvia Avallone , tratto dal romanzo Based on the novel Acciaio di by Silvia Avallone ( Rizzoli)
Cinematography/Fotografia: Marco Onorato
Music/Musica: Andrea Mariano
Set Design/Scenografia: Luciano Ricceri
Costume Design/Costume: Ursula Patzak
Editing/Montaggio:Marco Spoletini
Production/Produzione: Palomare with Rai Cinema, With the supporto of MiBAC , in association with BNL- Gruppo BNP PARIBAS and Regionte ToscanaWorldsSales/DistribuzioneInternazionale:FilmsDistributionSAS
Year/Anno: 2012
Running Time/Durata: 95’
Opera Seconda\ 2 Feature 

The steelworks is active twenty-four hours a day, monopolizing the territory and invading the river, the beach and the lives of the population. 14-year-old Anna (Matilde Giannini) and Francesca (Anna Bellezza) are linked by a strong friendship and spend their young age by living long afternoons in which nothing happens, in fear and desire for discovery. The adults are now resigned, but the younger people and Alessio (Michele Rion), Anna's elder brother, express, with many uncertainties, their dream to escape to the nearby Isola D'Elba. One day love comes, powerful and unexpected to all, and life takes a sudden acceleration until it cracks, bleeds, and breaks.

director Stefano Mordini Biography
 Stefano Mordini, ( Marradi, Florence,) loves Charles Mingus and cycling. In  1996, he worked on his first project, I ladri, in Venice. In 2000, he shot Paz’77,  a documentary on Andrea Pazienza which was presented at the Turin Film  Festival. He then made a series of documentaries abaut globalization, among which L’allievo modello, selected at the Indipendent Buenos Aires Film Festival. In 2005, Mordini wrote and made his first feature film Provincia Meccanica, in running in Berlin, as well as receiving three nominations for the David awards and two at Nastri D’Argento. In 2007, he produced and directed Il confine, a documentary based on the Islamic community in Italy. In 2009, he made Come mio padre,a documentary film about fatherhood in Italy from 1950 to today.