Like every year, NICE is proud to present a new film program with the aim of illustrating the best of contemporary Italian cinema. An extensive overview is not only offered by the selection of films in competition, but also by a new section dedicated to contemporary directors, as well as a series of documentaries representing an important part of the festival since last year. The variety of genres proposed will be mirrored by a rich and fascinating diversification in the themes. Characters, geographic locations, choral stories, languages in their diversity tell stories that are distant from one another, but often united within a psychological investigation revealing the differences in the dynamics of all social relationships.
The returning trend of the 27-year history of NICE is confirmed once again this year, with the aim, through the presentation of both mainstream and independent films, to showcase a new generation of directors who, thanks to their free gaze and their bold and innovative art, have succeeded in sending out significant messages, while creating films of undeniable artistic quality.
In the pursuit of such choice, we are comforted by the audience turnout in every US city we visit, from San Francisco to Washington, from NYC to Philadelphia, flocking our venues like some sort of cinematic full immersion, while supporting us enthusiastically and warmly for many days.
The technological revolution of digital cinema has indeed allowed us to consolidate and expand our projects, yet the presence of directors, actors, technicians, photographers accompanying their films—which is one of the festival’s founding trademarks—enables a real exchange between the content creators and those who enjoy it, creating the basis for a dialogue revealing both common grounds and differences in the cultural sensitivities of the several countries visited by the Festival. Same goes with any debates organized with university students and our Q&As with local filmmakers. These are all elements enhancing a much-needed flow of ideas able to demolish any prejudices still affecting mutual knowledge in our globalized world.
I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have accepted our challenge, our directors above all, who have made the festival’s life and independence possible, enabling its undeniable affirmation internationally. Our mission continues, despite the difficulties due to increasingly scarce subsidies and an increasingly aggressive competition, thanks to the constant support provided by producers, world sales, partners and sponsors, and last but not least by the staff of NICE and its unchanged professionalism and dedication.

Viviana del Bianco, Director N.I.C.E.