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Regia/Director: Silvia Bellotti
Fotografia/ Cinematography: Silvia Bellotti
Montaggio/ Editing: Lea Dicursi
Suono/ Sound: Eduardo Di Pietro, Giovanni Sorrentino, Claudia Brignone, Marco Saitta
Produzione: Parallelo 41 produzioni, Arci Movie, RaiCinema , with the support by FilmaP produzione Ponticelli, Antonella di Nocera ,FilmaP
Distribuzione Internazionale/ World Sales: FilmaP -
Country: Italia Anno Year: 2017
RunTime Durata: 60 '
Documentario Docu Whit Collaboration Festival dei Popoli - Firenze

Silvia Bellotti (Roma, 1982). She collaborated with the newspapers, Il Fatto and with  Quaderni de l 'Ora. In 2013 she  was among the finalists of the  Morrione Award, a section of the  Ilaria Alpi Award. In 2014 she  moved to Naples to attend the  first edition of FilmaP – Atelier di Cinema del Reale, where she directed the short film Il foglio in competition at the Torino Film Festival 2015 and  Open to the Public,  her first feature documentary film.

The social housing authority of Naples manages the 40,000 housing units of the city and province. Its offices, open twice a week, become the stage of exhausting verbal combats between the employees, whose task is to apply norms and regulations with impartiality, and the multitudes of applicants, who often live – by destiny, or inclination – in existential and personal conditions outside all classification, thus presenting cases that can hardly, if not inscrutably be solved.