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Cosimo and Nicole Francesco Amato

Director/Regia: Francesco Amato
Screenplay/Sceneggiatura:Francesco Amato, Daniela Gambaro, Giuliano Miniati
Cast/Interpreti:Riccardo Scamarcio, Clara Ponsot, Paolo Sassanelli, Souleymane Sow, Angela Baraldi,Giorgia Salari, Andrea Bruschi, Jo Prestia
Cinematography/Fotografia: Federico Annichiarico
Music/Musica: Francesco Cerasi
Editing/Montaggio:Luigi Mearelli
Set Design/Scenografia: Emita Frigato
Costume Design/Costume :Meddile Siaulytyte
Production/Produzione:Cattleya and FastFilm with the support of Rai Cinema,with the support of film Commission Torino Piemonte,Regione Lazio
Worlds Sales/Distribuzione Internazionale: RaiTrade,
RunningTime/Durata: 104’ 

Cosimo (Riccardo Scamarcio) is Italian, Nicole (Clara Ponsot) is French. They meet in Genoa during the G8 protests and it is love at first sight. Cosimo and Nicole are young free spirits, but from that moment on, they become inseparable. Europe is their hometown and music is their greatest passion. After wandering here and there, they decide to return to Genoa to work for a friend (Paul Sassanelli) who organizes concerts. Everything seems to be going well, until a tragic accident threatens to destroy their love story, forcing them to make decisions that will affect their future. A modern and genuine romance refusing to compromise with a harsh and cynical reality.

regista Francesco AmatoBiography
 Francesco Amato attended the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and has  made a number of short films. In 2001, his short Pen Son was awarded the  Jameson Prize at the Torino Film Festival and the Fice Prize at the “Italian  Visions” Short Film competition in Bologna. The short film was also selected in the Critic's Week section of Cannes in 2002. Self-portrait (2004) has been presented at numerous film festivals in Italy and abroad. Amoto's first featue film, What the Hell Am I Doing Here!, won the Audience Award at the NICE Film Festival 2006.