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Balancing Act Ivano De matteo

Director/Regia: Ivano De Matteo
Screenplay/Sceneggiatura: Valentina Ferlan, Ivano De Matteo
Cast/Interpreti: Valerio Mastandrea, Barbara Bobulova, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Grazia Schiavo, Antonio Gerardi, Antonella Attili, Stefano Masciolini, Giorgio Gobbi, Francesca Antonelli, Damir Todorovic, Antonio Tallura, Daniele La Leggia, Pierluigi Misasi
Cinematography/Fotografia: Vittorio Omodei Zorini
Music/Musica: Francesco Cerasi
Editing/Montaggio: Marco Spoletini
Set Design/Scenografia: Massimiliano Sturiale
Costume Design/Costume: Valentina Taviani
Production/Produzione: Rodeo Drive, Babe Films, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, with the participation of Canal+, Sky Cinema, Mediaset Premium, with the support of Mibac.
Worlds Sales/Distribuzione Internazionale: Rai Trade
Year/Anno: 2012
Running Time/Durata: 105’

Giulio (Valerio Mastandrea) is forty years old and leads a seemingly quiet life. He has a house for rent, a steady job, a car purchased in installments, a rebellious but nice daughter (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), a sweet and dreamer son (Lupo De Matteo), and a wife (Barbara Bobulova) who loves him and that he cheats on. When Giulio is caught out and dumped, his perfect life suddenly collapses. The film deals with what happens to a couple that in our days “dares” to separate. Through a series of sometimes tragic sometimes ironic events, Balancing Act takes us by the hand into the world of a man who suddenly discovers how easy it is to get on the verge of losing everything

 Ivano De Matteo began his artistic career in 1990, graduating from the  theatre workshop “Il Mulino di Fiora” run by Perla Peragallo. An actor,  director and documentary maker on the constant lookout for a personal  language, he migrates between theatre, film and TV. He founded the company “Il Cantiere” in 1993 with actress and screenwriter Valentina Ferlan. In 2005 he established the small production company Utopia Film. Balancing Act is his first feature film.