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Ali Blue Eyes Claudio Giovannesi

Director/Regia: Claudio Giovannesi
Cast: Nader Sarhan, Stefano Rabatti, Brigitte Apruzzesi, Marian Valenti Adrian
Screenplay/Sceneggiatura: Claudio Giovannesi e Filippo Gravino
Cinematography/Fotografia: Daniele Ciprì
Music/Musica: Claudio Giovannesi e Andrea Muscianese
Set Design/Scenografia: Daniele Frabetti
Costume Design/Costume: Medile Siaulytyte
Editing/Montaggio: Giuseppe Trepiccione
Production/Produzione: Acaba Produzioni, Rai cinema with the contribution of MiBAC
World Sales/Distribuzione Internazionale: IntraMovies,,
Year/Anno: 2012
Running Time/Durata: 100’

Ostia, the suburban seafront of Rome in wintertime. Two sixteen-year-old boys steal a scooter at 8 in the morning, then rob a store, and still get on time to school at 9. Nader (Nader Sarhan) is Egyptian, but was born in Rome. Stefano is Italian and is Nader’s best friend. Nader’s girlfriend, Brigitte, is also Italian, and because of that Nader’s parents disapprove their love, so that Nader runs away from home. Ali Blue Eyes depicts a week in the life of a teenager who tries to subvert the values of his own family. Torn between his Arab and Italian identities, Nader is audacious and in love, and, very much like the hero of a contemporary fairy tale, he has to put up with the cold, the loneliness, the life on the street, the hunger and fear, the escape from his enemies and the loss of his friends, before he can really understand who he is.


regista Claudio GiovannesiBiography
CLAUDIO GIOVANNESI (Roma) graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Being a successful jazz guitar player, he worked with RadioRai. His debut as a film director was in 2000 with two short films: Ultimo taglio and Il cellulare. In 2002, his short Caino received several prizes in a variety of film at Rome, at Pescara and at Ravenna. His first feature film, “The House in the Clouds”, was released in 2009 and was awarded several prizes, such as the Special Prize of the Jury at the Bruxelles Film Festival. In 2009, Giovannesi made a documentary called “Fratelli d’Italia”, which was a finalist for the Nastri d’Argento Awards.